Paterson Division of Health is at the forefront of preventing and controlling the transmission of diseases.

Diseases can spread from one person to person, from animal to person; through the air, by touch or through body fluids. Symptoms can range from mild to lethal. We work in close coordination with the NJ State Department of Communicable Disease.

The objectives of the program include the following:

  • Identification of the disease agent with appropriate regulatory reporting and maintenance of statistical records
  • Prevention of disease transmission in a public health setting
  • Prevention of morbidity and mortality due to perinatal transmission of Hepatitis B virus
  • To lessen the occurrences of the Vaccine Preventable Diseases in infants and children


  • Surveillance and monitoring of Communicable Diseases for any potential health hazard to the community
  • Initiation of prompt investigations of all foodborne, enteric or communicable diseases identifying possible hazards that may impact the community
  • Provision of counseling, health education and health promotion to the general public
  • Enforcement of health regulations under Chapter II of the State Sanitary Code
  • The implementation of the Perinatal Hepatitis B Program which identifies, tests and immunizes susceptible household and sexual contacts of Hepatitis B positive pregnant women
  • Provide prophylaxis when warranted